Safe Sleep Project Offers Free Part IV MOC

AAP_IPLC_Logo_SmallDespite the Back to Sleep Campaign, sleep related infant deaths are still a reality and occur frequently. More than three Ohio infants die each week due to improper sleeping arrangements. Sixty-six percent occur in infants who were sharing a sleep surface with another person and there is still significant racial disparity.  In Wave 2 of the Injury Prevention Learning Collaborative, you will: learn how to efficiently screen families for unsafe sleep practices; be provided with talking points for safe sleep and receive tools to screen for and discuss other injury risks.
Other benefits to participating in the Injury Prevention Learning Collaborative include:
  1. Participating pediatricians will receive 25 Part IV Maintenance of Certification credits as approved by the American Board of Pediatrics
  2. Each practice will receive $500 for participating
  3. Each practice will receive sleep sacks to offer families at early well child care visits
If you are interested in finding out more information about this project, please visit the Injury Prevention Project Page.


Also, mark your calendar to attend the day-long learning session in Columbus on Friday, October 18, 2013. At this learning session, you will be trained in the use of the screening tools that will be given to parents during well child visits, and the corresponding talking points for each section of the screening tool. Providers will also receive training in quality improvement methodology.