Preschool Vision Screening


Proactive, Preventative, Proven!

Beyond good eye health, high-quality preschool vision screenings during the routine well child visit can also help prevent learning difficulties, emotional issues, neurological problems and developmental delays.

As a children’s health care provider, your role is vital in assuring that they all have access to high-quality vision screening.

Prevent Blindness, Ohio Affiliate offers FREE training and certification on how to properly conduct a preschool vision screening (for children ages 3 – 5) and FREE vision screening equipment (a $500 value)!  The training and equipment are funded by a grant that has been awarded by the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Maternal, Child and Family Health, Save Our Sight Fund.

The training will provide instruction on how to perform preschool vision screenings, including:

  • Instruction on how to perform stereopsis and distance visual acuity screening utilizing the 5 ft. Lea visual acuity test and the PASS2 stereopsis test,
  • Detailed information on childhood eye diseases and disorders,
  • Strategies to increase the receipt and quality of preventative services for eye health in preschool aged children,
  • Preschool Vision Screening Guidelines: published by the Ohio Department of Health,
  • Sample referral and follow up resources and access to no cost eye exams and eyeglasses for qualifying families.

Trainings are offered across Ohio. Options are also available to access on-demand learning resources, saving physician and staff time, with learning as your schedules permit!

For more information and to register for a training, visit

There is also an option to earn Part 4 MOC credits by participating in a preschool vision screening quality improvement project on the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) website.