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G4G Physician Learning Collaborative:

It’s All About Relationships!

Learn how to build and strengthen the Parent/Child and Parent/Provider Relationship – all from the comfort of “home” – or your office – and get MOC Part II and IV credit FREE to all Ohio AAP Members.

The Good4Growth MOC Part II self assessment and MOC Part IV Learning Collaborative focuses on improving relationships — that of the physician/parent and parent/child.

By completing this program, you, as a pediatrician, will:

  • Learn how to support the “dyadic dance” between caregiver and child such as smiling, cooing, and feeding
  • Learn how to strengthen your “therapeutic relationships” with families since pediatricians know we are only effective to the degree that parents trust us to help their children
  • Learn how to build “parental confidence and comfort” in their abilities

For Wave 2, the Good4Growth team has NOT ONLY shortened the length of time of the project and redefined the measurement and data collection requirements, but now we are also offering a learning session that is entirely done from your office or home via webinar.

In addition, you will learn:

  • How to incorporate Maternal Depression Screening in your practice AND get reimbursed for it
  • How to incorporate food insecurity questions into your practice and be provided with resources to share with your families to help them if needed
  • How to work with families and answer their questions, and provide them with Good4Growth handouts on feeding and sleeping, toxic stress, positive discipline strategies and building resiliency in children

By participating, your office will receive:

  • Gift cards and funding for your office staff to help with the work
  • Assistance with data collection if needed by an Ohio AAP Staff member
  • FREE MOC 2 and MOC 4 credit
  • The confidence that YOU have helped build safe, stable and nurturing relationships with your patients and families.

LIVE Webinar Friday, October 21. Recorded version available to watch at your convenience between October 21 – October 31

Contact Kellee Gauthier at (614) 560-0092 or kgauthier@