PMP Journal Club Module 4 COVID-19 Impacts

Ways to help parents navigate the challenges of remote learning include:


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Advantages of In person compared to online learning include all except:


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True or False? Asking children about what is good about virtual learning and what is frustrating can help parents listen and process the child’s prospective.


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Additional tips that can help families navigate challenges include:


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What children recount of the COVID pandemic depends largely on their age. Infants and toddlers will no remember but older children will remember missed miles stones. Examples of things children will recounts include:


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True or False? Research has shown that the single best predictor of high school graduation is third grade reading. By 1 account, 23% of children not reading at grade level by the end of third grade will fail to graduate from high school compared with 9% of those who are.


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True or False? Effects of COVID 19 pandemic will have a greater effect on children of color and socially disadvantaged students which further compounds the inequities


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