PMP Journal Club Module 10

1. True or False? Breast milk protects infants from many illnesses and is the best food for most infants.

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2. True or False? Due to the limited number of cases and clinical evidence of Infants with COVID-19, pediatricians should continually update their knowledge and be aware of the risks in particular in the high-risk population of newborn and pre- term infants.

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3. A suspected COVID positive Mother is breastfeeding and wants to know what precautions she should take while breastfeeding her baby? The best advice is the following:

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4. True or False? Pediatricians should recommend all Mothers suspected or are positive for COVID-19 pump and dump their breast milk for 14 days because there are no immune benefits to the baby at all.

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5. According the WHO Mother with COVID-19 or who are suspected to have COVID 19 can still breastfeed their babies as long as they take precautions because:

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6. What we do know about the breast milk from mothers infected with COVID-19 is all of the following except:

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7. Suspect an infant to be infected with COVID-19 if the following is noted because many times they can be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms:

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8. Infection Control in the Labor, Delivery and Recovery include all below except when there is suspicion or maternal positive COVID-19:

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