Child Health

The Ohio AAP’s Child Health Pillar represents all areas of care of children but with the priority to have an overall shift in approach from treatment-focus to a focus on child wellness. It manages the Chapter’s educational efforts, including the Spring Education Meeting, Annual Meeting and the Pediatric Education Center.

2017-2018 Wins

  • Obtained CME accreditation with commendation-6 years
  • NEW MOC Part II activity designs
  • Launched new education website with technology features for search functions and cataloging modules
  • Launched Good4Growth Family Resource webpage

2018-2019 Goals

  • Increase Resident involvement in 2019 Annual Meeting by 50%
  • Establish and Implement a Formal Peer Review Process for Ohio AAP Branding for outside organizations
  • Increase Pediatric Education Center usage
  • Increase Education and Outreach to Public Health Professionals

Ohio AAP Pillar Leaders:

  • Jill Fitch, MD, FAAP
  • Rebecca Baum, MD, FAAP

Ohio AAP Staff Members:

  • Elizabeth Dawson
  • Hayley Southworth, MS