Child Health

The Ohio AAP’s Child Health Pillar represents all areas of care of children but with the priority to have an overall shift in approach from treatment-focus to a focus on child wellness. It manages the Chapter’s educational efforts, including Expert Roundtables, Annual Meeting, MOC Part II and the materials on theChild Health Pillar Chapter website.

Child Health Pillar Goals: 2016 – 2017

  • Subspeciality education for primary care physicians
  • Annual Meeting 2017
  • MOC 2/CME Expansion
  • Learning Connection Spread
  • HASH Food Insecurity Screen with Resident

Child Health Pillar Meetings – Contact Elizabeth Dawson if you would like to be involved in meetings.

Ohio AAP Pillar Leaders:

  • Michael Gittelman, MD, FAAP
  • Kimberly Giuliano, MD, FAAP

Ohio AAP Staff Members:

  • Elizabeth Dawson
  • Kellee Gauthier
  • Lisa Weston