The Ohio AAP’s Advocacy Pillar coordinates the Chapter’s legislative efforts andAdvocacy Pillar overall messaging. Pillar members also aim to be the “experts at the table” for children’s issues in the state of Ohio.

Peds On Call: This is a group of volunteer physicians who have a passion for advocacy. They sign up to be contacted when there is a need for legislative or grassroots action. Involvement can be as little as a phone call or email or as much as being trained to testify before issues in the Ohio legislature. If you would like to be a member of our “Peds On Call” group, click here.

Children’s health care coverage fact sheets from AAP: link.

Recent Successes: 

  • Ohio Department of Medicaid covering maternal depression screenings. Read the Ohio AAP’s Maternal Depression Guidance handout by clicking here.
  • Passage of Meningitis School Mandate in only 3 months
  • Secured higher reimbursement for primary care physicians accepting Medicaid patients
  • Passage of bill requiring child resistant packaging for liquid nicotine
  • Passage of Child Care Immunization Law in December 2014
  • Compromise on Pharmacist Immunization Law that helped protect the medical home while also exploring ways to better vaccinate children in Ohio against diseases for which we see low immunization rates, such as influenza.
  • Passage of a repeal of the Lyme Disease consent form in December 2014, after complaints from many of our members.
  • Assisting in the blocking of a vote on a dangerous fireworks bill, in partnership with Prevent Blindness Ohio

Advocacy Pillar Goals:

  1. Improve Ohio’s Immunization Rate and Data
  2. Protect Children from Unintentional Firearm Injuries and Suicide
  3. Target Special health Needs of Adolescents
  4. Injury Prevention
  5. State Budget

Advocacy Pillar Meetings

Ohio AAP Pillar Leaders:

  • William Cotton, MD, FAAP
  • Sarah Denny, MD, FAAP

Ohio AAP Staff Members:

  • Melissa Wervey Arnold

Find Your Representative – click here to find a state representative or senator