The Ohio AAP’s Advocacy Pillar coordinates the Chapter’s state legislative efforts and overall messaging. Pillar members also aim to be the “experts at the table” for children’s issues in the state of Ohio. 

The pillar leaders spent many hours at the Ohio statehouse, meeting with representatives and other children’s and physician organizations, to advocate for our members and the children of Ohio. We welcome your involvement in this pillar and our advocacy activities. Contact Melissa Wervey Arnold to get involved!

State Legislation Watch List:

  • House Bill 49 – State Operating Budget, approved by the House and now in the hands of the state Senate. The Ohio AAP is advocating for continuation of the CPC funding, tobacco cessation program funding, and an amendment on immunization reform.
  • House Bill 72 & Senate Bill 56 – Reforms to step therapy protocols. The Ohio AAP supports.
  • House Bill 73 – Prohibiting the sale of over-the-counter drugs that contain dextromethorphan to minors. The Ohio AAP supports.
  • House Bill 167 & Senate Bill 119 – Restrict primary care physicians from prescribing opiates for longer than three days without additional training. The Ohio AAP supports.


Recent Successes:

Advocacy 2017 Pillar Goals:
1. Improve Ohio’s Immunization Rate and Data
2. Protect Children from Unintentional                                     3. Firearm Injuries and Suicide
4. Target Special health Needs of Adolescents
5. Injury Prevention
6. State Budget
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