Ohio AAP Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Ohio AAP
Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CME Mission and Purpose

CME Committee Members:
Jill Fitch, MD, FAAP – CME Program Director
Rebecca Baum, MD, FAAP
William Cotton, MD, FAAP
Elizabeth Dawson
Hayley Southworth, MS
Olivia Simon

Activity Application:
CME Activity Application – Due 8 weeks prior to activity

Application Links and Forms
Online Disclosure
Conflict of Interest Instructions
Learning Objectives Guidelines – Action Verbs
Needs Assessment Guidelines
Commendation Detail
Commendation Checklist

Post Approval Forms:
Commercial Support Letter of Agreement
Exhibitor Contract
Disclosure Grid
Sheet
Evaluation Template
Instructions to Claim Credit
Disclosure Slide
MOC Part II CME Certficate

MOC Part II for CME:
Link to ACCME Website
MOC Part II Provider Manual
MOC Statement of Credit
MOC Logo
MOC CME Checklist
MOC CME Evaluation
MOC CME Completion Criteria
Peer Review Form

Enduring Activity:
Enduring Activity Checklist

Post Activity Forms:
Post Session Checklist
Grievance Form

Honoraria/Speaker Fee
Commercial Support
ADA Compliance
Grievance Policy