ACA, CHIP, and More: Advocating for Children on a State and Federal Level

Pediatricians advocating for children is needed now more than ever and the Ohio AAP is providing a great opportunity to learn more about state and federal advocacy for child health at Annual Meeting 2017. The meeting is a little over two weeks away! Read More »

What Are Your Questions for Payers?

As you know, the state of Ohio and various payers are moving to value-based payment, focusing more on quality versus quantity of care. To prepare pediatricians in Ohio for this shift, Annual Meeting will feature a panel that will discuss different ways members can begin preparing to receive maximum payment for the care they provide.┬áDuring our panel discussion, we will read your questions to the Director or Medicaid and CEO of the Ohio Association of Health Plans. Read More »

Fireworks Bill Approved by House; Ohio AAP Continues Work to Oppose

The Ohio House of Representatives today (October 11, 2017) voted to approve Ohio HB 226. This bill would legalize the sale of consumer grade fireworks, including bottle rockets, firecrackers and missiles, with only minimal safety restrictions in place. Read More »