Support for House Bill 580 and Telehealth Coverage

During the COVID-19 healthcare crisis, it is more important than ever that all actions are taken to keep Ohioans safe and healthy. The ability to treat patients via telehealth is one simple and effective way for patients to continue to receive quality care while at a safe distance. The recently introduced HB 580 will help get this done. Share the below message and write to your representatives to encourage the quick passage of HB 580 by the Ohio General Assembly.


Our state’s healthcare system is only beginning to feel the stress of critically ill patients who will require hospital beds because of the COVID-19 healthcare crisis. Healthcare providers of all disciplines are standing by during this time of need to serve, as it is our professional duty to do

We are committed to bringing value to our communities, hospital systems, clinics, and patients as we weather this pandemic. We have all been called to do our part to “flatten the curve,” and we can do this by treating, when appropriate, the needs of a patient via telehealth. It is for this reason that we collectively support recently introduced bi-partisan HB 580.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services have already taken the important step of enacting an emergency rule to expand access to telehealth. We are asking a similar measure be passed so those with private insurance also have the benefit of getting their treatment through telehealth. This can be used for behavioral health care and physical healthcare. This allows the provider and the patient to adhere to social distancing requirements while getting their essential care and not further jeopardizing their health or risk to exposure.

We believe that increasing access to telehealth care will alleviate additional stress on our medical system at this time when the focus needs to be on those with serious health issues that require the unique care of our hospitals.

Telehealth creates the ability for us to bring value to our patients that are unable to receive care in other in-person settings. In most instances, telehealth can be as effective as in person care when delivered by skilled providers, and many clinics are already utilizing this innovative method to bring essential care to their patients. However, in a quickly changing and evolving system, we are struggling with parity and certainty surrounding this care. We ask that you support our efforts by championing out the protection of our ability to help those in need.

We know that as leaders of Ohio, the health and safety of your populace remains at the forefront of your mind. These unprecedented times call on us to reflect on the greater good for all. We ask that you consider this message as fundamental in your decisions. It is our hope that the General Assembly will move quickly to pass HB 580.

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