Share Your Story with the #100Words Project

As America debates the future of healthcare, the voices of pediatric patients, caregivers, and health professionals must be heard!

The #100Words Project highlights the challenges and triumphs of working to improve health for Ohio’s children and their families. The project aim to collect stories – in 100 words or less – from patients, families, and health care professionals that illustrate the impact of state, local, and federal policies on efforts to make Ohio’s children the healthiest in the nation.

The Ohio AAP is collecting your stories, in 100 words or less, to share with our elected officials in local, state, and federal government to make sure they understand just how important it is to #KeepKidsCovered!

We want to hear your stories in the following areas:

  • Insurance coverage and access to care (e.g. Medicaid, SCHIP)
  • Introducing us to the “Faces of Medicaid” for Children #IAmMedicaid
  • The value of providing preventative care
  • The impact of social determinants on child health

We want to hear your story! Email us:

Project Goals:

COLLECT: We aim to collect stories – in 100 words or less – to encourage our local, state, and federal government to #KeepKidsCovered. Stories will be collected from patients, caregivers, and health care professionals in the following areas:

  • Real stories of real children and families who rely on Medicaid (from working families and children in poverty, to middle-class Ohio children with medical complexity)
  • The value of providing preventative care for children and families
  • The impact of social determinants on child health

CURATE: Stories included in the project will be carefully edited to ensure they are properly de-identified, protecting the privacy of patients, caregivers, and providers who volunteer to share their health care experiences with us.

SHARE: In partnership with the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, curated stories will be formally shared with chapter members across the state; health policy stakeholders; and local, state, and federal elected officials.

Guidance for Contributors (“How you can help…”):

  • Keep stories confidential: we encourage contributors to appropriately de-identified stories to protect the privacy of patients and their families
  • Keep stories focused: contributors are encouraged to keep the scope of the stories shared with our project focused on the topic areas provided above
  • Keep stories brief: contributors’ stories should be kept to 100 words or less

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