Prevent Abuse to Infants in Your Practice This Year with TRAIN Collaborative

Children who present with unidentified sentinel injuries – an injury known to the medical provider that should have prompted concern for abuse – face high risks of future abuse and mortality. Identifying even 1 sentinel injury per quarter can prevent 4 infants from suffering further abuse per year. Over 18 years those cases amount to 72 infants with a greater chance of growing up happy and healthy. Data suggests that sentinel injuries may present once a quarter in many pediatric practices, and learning to identify children at risk is a simple and meaningful way to enhance practice.

To empower Ohio AAP members to help reduce the risks for the children with sentinel injuries the Ohio AAP is excited to announce the launch of the TRAIN (Timely Recognition of Abuse Injuries) Collaborative for primary care physicians in Ohio.

Beginning with a Learning Session on June 5, 2018, participating practices will engage in a 12-month learning collaborative to learn how to increase the identification of infants with sentinel injuries through TRAIN. This Part IV MOC quality improvement project will offer 25 Points of credit, with quarterly data collection and educational calls. The Ohio AAP will provide practice coaching to facilitate improvement and learning in practice driven areas, with flexible participation options. Download the informational flyer here to learn more.

To learn more or register for the TRAIN Collaborative visit or contact Hayley Southworth at or (614) 846-6258.

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