Ohio AAP Awarded New $1,500 Grant from Akron North Student Philanthropy Group


Ohio AAP is excited to announce a recent grant awarded through Akron North DECA Youth Philanthropy Group and Magnified Giving! Students in the Akron Public School system participating in a Magnified Giving Program, which started in Cincinnati, were given funds to invest in the local nonprofit community. Funds were also donated from the North High School-Based Enterprise.

Magnified Giving’s mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy, and to touch the hearts and minds of teens, lighten the concerns of others and magnify the impact of philanthropy. Through a 6-step curriculum, students are educated on the true meaning of philanthropy and the critical needs in their community as well as the Non-profits serving those needs.  Magnified Giving inspires the students by showing them they can change their community through service and giving back.  Students are also engaged with their passions by advocating for action to change a problem.  Finally, Magnified Giving and their donors empower the students to make an educated decision regarding the agency most deserving of this treasure.

“My students are passionate about sharing on the negative effects cyberbullying has on teens in our community.  This lines up perfectly with the mission of the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, to financially support teen suicide prevention with education on cyberbullying” said Eric Mathews, North High Entrepreneurship & Marketing Instructor and DECA Advisor.

Ohio AAP is thankful for the opportunity to keep promoting adolescent mental health and teen suicide prevention through our Store It Safe program. The Store It Safe Adolescent Suicide Prevention Program aims to increase the knowledge of pediatricians, healthcare providers, caregivers, and more by improving the recognition of adolescent suicide risk through depression screening at every doctor’s visit; encouraging families to lock up firearms, medications, and alcohol; and providing families with lock boxes where possible. Store It Safe is supported by the Ohio AAP and the Partnership for Safety of Children Around Firearms, a unique partnership of healthcare providers, firearm experts, and community organizations. We are looking forward to our new partnership with Akron North DECA Youth Philanthropy Group and the great work we can accomplish together!

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