Ohio AAP Awarded a Sub-Grant for Immunization Activities

The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) has been awarded a sub-grant from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) for two new and exciting immunization programs.

Pathways Community HUB Collaboration

The Ohio AAP also received funding to work with the six Pathways Community HUB locations in Ohio to create a set immunization curriculum for their community health workers and provide resources around immunizations to share with the at-risk families they work with. This program is being led by Mike Gittelman, MD, FAAP.

Read more on this program here. More information on this collaboration will be provided in the coming months. If you have questions, contact Melissa Wervey Arnold.

DTaP Drop-Off Program

The fourth dose of the DTaP (Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) is one of Ohio’s lowest antigens in the childhood vaccine series. According to the 2015 National Information Survey (NIS), 80.9% of Ohio 19-35 month old children have received all four recommended doses of the vaccine.

AFIX (assessment-feedback-incentive-exchange) data shows those rates even lower, 74.65 in 2015 and 73.6 in 2016. AFIX is a CDC quality program that measures vaccine rates for 24-35 month old children.

The Ohio AAP is working with ODH to create a program to educate Ohio providers on this disparity and provide strategies to get their two year-old patients up-to-date on the vaccine. Regional presentations will take place in June 2017, dates and times will be announced shortly. Contact Melanie Farkas if you have any questions.





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