No-Cost Rides to Access Much-Needed Food Resources: Help Us Spread the Word

(Letter from Medicaid Managed Care Plan Providers)

Medicaid Community Partners and Stakeholders,

As Ohio continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis, we are working hard to ensure our most vulnerable citizens maintain reliable access to food resources. To that end, Ohio’s five Medicaid Managed Care Plans (Buckeye Health Plan, CareSource, Molina Healthcare, Paramount Advantage, and United Healthcare Community Plan) provide our members with no-cost transportation services to and from food banks, food pantries, food clinics, and grocery stores as part of their plan benefit.

This transportation service is essential to many of our members. We need your help to tell our members about this service; and encourage members to contact their respective health plan to get the transportation services they need. Each health plan continues to do everything possible to tell our members about their transportation benefit and how to use it.  One of the key connections we share with our members is our strong relationship with you — our valued community partners. With your help and support in promoting the transportation benefit to our members, we can improve their access to healthy food, and ultimately improve their health and well-being.  By undertaking this united effort on behalf of every Ohio member, we can help get food on the table for Ohioans in need during this unprecedented health crisis.

Included with this email is a resource document listing the transportation benefits provided by each Managed Care Plan. You will also find the contact information for each plan and instructions on how you can help schedule transportation services if needed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the list in the Resource Guide (linked below) if you have questions or need additional information. As our partners in service, you are crucial to the health and safety of Ohio’s Medicaid members. Thank you for helping us help our members!

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