Immunization Awareness Month 2017 – FREE Resources for Our Members

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, an annual observance to highlight the importance of vaccination for people of all ages. NIAM was established to encourage people of all ages to make sure they are up to date on the vaccines recommended for them. Communities have continued to use the month each year to raise awareness about the important role vaccines play in preventing serious, sometimes deadly, diseases.

The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics has a number of resources available for you to share with your patients to promote immunizations:

  • Fast VAX Facts Mobile App – a FREE mobile app by experts to provide factual information to parents on vaccines, along with a number or provider-focused resources and strategies for talking to parents.
  • Parental Refusal Brochures Three brochures to assist in conversations with parents about childhood vaccines.
  • HPV Brochure – A brochure focused on the HPV vaccine with Ohio statistics to use in conversations with parents.
  • Reminder/Recall Postcards (DTaP, Adolescent Vaccines, and HPV Vaccine) – postcards provided with postage to use in your reminder or recall campaigns.
  • HPV Reminder Magnets – magnets to provide to patients after receiving the first dose of the HPV vaccination.
  • DTaP Drop-Off Toolkit – a NEW toolkit developed with strategies on increasing the fourth dose of DTaP in your office.

CLICK HERE to order one or more of these resources to be sent to your office free of charge.

In addition, the Chapter has a number of free educational and program opportunities on this topic:


  • Adolescent Immunization MOC Part II Self-Assessment & CME: This course will address a broad range of topics relating to immunization of children and adolescents. These areas are: epidemiology, study design, issues related to vaccine avoidance and ways to improve compliance with vaccine schedules, discussion of vaccines in the adolescent platform and updates on vaccines in development.
  • HPV Vaccine: Opportunities and Challenges MOC Part II & CME: The rate of girls and boys in Ohio receiving the series of the HPV vaccine is extremely low. Kristen Feemster, MD, MPH, MSHPR, FAAP will explain current trends in HPV-related disease, the safety and efficacy of the immunization, key barriers to series completion and important strategies to improve rates in boys and girls
  • DTaP Drop-Off MOC Part II & CME: This course addresses the drop-off rate of the fourth dose of DTaP in Ohio and across the country and discusses pertussis disease and vaccination.


  • Ohio QI2U – MenB Practice Transformation Program: Clear up the confusion over meningococcal vaccination and learn strategies to increase attendance and quality of adolescent well visits with this 9-month program that includes MOC Part IV, personalized quality improvement strategies for your practice, a $1,000 stipend.
  • MOBI & TIES: Free, statewide immunization education and training programs developed for healthcare providers. The programs, which offer one hour of continuing medical education to eligible participants and a wealth of free resources, trains practices in evidence-based strategies to overcome barriers to immunizations for children (MOBII) and adolescents (TIES).

If you have questions about these opportunities, contact Melanie Farkas via email or at (614) 846-6258.

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