Good4Growth Best Start Kits Launching Next Week

Good4Growth is a partnership between the Ohio AAP and the Cardinal Health Foundation. The focus is to bring practical tools and tips to help parents, early childcare centers and anyone who touches the life of a child, to create healthier, smarter kids. The goal is to provide the education and awareness needed to address three key areas:

  • Healthy Diet— teaching kids healthy behavior on making the right decisions for nutrition and food.
  • Creative Play— making sure kids get adequate exercise and activity throughout their day.
  • Caring Environment—providing a nurturing environment for the child.

The website,, addresses families and health professionals from prenatal parents to kids graduating high school, because it is never too late to give children the best start in life.

Along with the resources provided on the Good4Growth website, this partnership also works to create strong relationships and initiatives that connect the community and professionals to the Good4Growth mission.

Initiatives include:

  • Learning Collaborative in Primary Care Settings: A one-year quality improvement program that measures behavior change in the primary care office among staff and families during well-child visits. This collaborative will be launched in April 2015. Updated information will be posted here.
  • Learning Collaborative in Early Childcare Centers: An expansion of the current program from Columbus Public Health, Healthy Children, Healthy Weights, which has been successfully changing policy and menus in early childcare centers for seven years, will launch in Fall 2015. Updated information will be posted here.
  • Community Campaign “Good4Growth’s Best Start Kits:” A public awareness campaign to help support the health and wellness of a child, utilizing information, resources, and education for both parents and professionals launches in mid-January 2015. Several community partners are part of the campaign, including United Way of Central Ohio, Columbus Public Health, YMCA, Local Matters and WOSU.

Good4Growth Best Start Kits Launch Next Week!

To support the Good4Growth mission to create healthier, smarter kids, the team is launching a set of quarterly online toolkits to share with the public, featuring materials for families, caregivers, healthcare professionals, educators and anyone who touches the life of a child. This online toolkit offers way to support a healthy diet, creative play, and a caring environment for children’s development and growth.

The toolkits includes tips and activities for caregivers and children of all ages, blogs from community leaders on the quarterly message, posters, flyers, power point presentations, professional resources and much more to help everyone support children.

The quarterly message campaign is a partnership with Columbus Public Health to distribute important messaging on several platforms including the internet, social media and more. The Good4Growth team continues to work with community partners to expand this message to be shared at company meetings and sporting events.

The first quarterly message is “An Hour a Day to Play,” which launches NEXT week. This message will promote that all children should have physical activity/creative play totaling at least 60 minutes throughout their day. Resources will be provided for physicians and other providers to give to their patients, hang in their offices and have available in their waiting rooms.

Join the Good4Growth team by going to, following us on Twitter (@Good4Growth), liking us on Facebook ( and sharing these messages with your patients, members, friends and family.

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