Discussing the MenB Vaccine

A recent article in Pediatrics, Understanding the Category B Recommendation for Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccine, sought to clear up the category B recommendation for the vaccination and encourage pediatricians to discuss the availability of the vaccine with families. They stated, “not discussing the MenB disease and the vaccine that is currently available should not be an option.”

This strategy is discussed in the Ohio AAP’s “Ohio QI2U-MenB” program, a practice transformation program that is currently recruiting for its second cohort of practices. The program aims to increase attendance at, and the quality of, adolescent well visits and improve the rate of administration of the meningococcal serogroup B (MenB) vaccination.

“Along with focusing on improving teen well visits, the program addresses the sometimes confusing meningococcal vaccines,” said Rebecca Brady, MD, FAAP, medical director of the program. “Our practice coach educates the practice on the disease, available vaccinations and how to handle the conversations with parents.”

The practice coach, trained by a national expert, travels to the practice to conduct the on-site learning session and program kick-off and then works with the practice over nine months on personalized quality improvement strategies, data collection and entry and any other needs.

“This program is a really exciting way to engage adolescents and identify those behind on their vaccines,” said Rajiv Gupta, MD, FAAP, current program participant. “I learned a lot of new information about the meningococcal vaccines and, as an added bonus, I am receiving MOC Part IV. This is a win/win for our practice and patients.” 

Ohio QI2U – MenB offers the following additional benefits:

  • Monthly one-on-one calls or meetings with the practice coach for continued guidance and improvement strategies
  • Learn best practices and lessons from a cohort of other participating practices
  • Assistance with data entry if desired
  • MOC Part IV credit for eligible physicians
  • $1,000 office stipend to offset staff time
  • Invitation to a summit at the conclusion of the collaborative to share successes and strategies for sustainability

Who can participate? Practices that immunize 16-23 year-olds, including pediatricians, family physicians and adolescent medicine specialists.

Questions? Contact Melanie Farkas via email or at (614) 846-6258.

Enroll NOW: OhioAAP.org/ohio-qi2u-menb-program


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