#SafePedsHealthyKids- Resources for Your Office!

As part of Ohio AAP’s social media campaign for the month of May, we have just released the below messaging as well as our new graphic highlighting a few of the very important reasons children should still be seeing their pediatrician during COVID-19. Please feel free to share the below messages and image with your patients and followers and the hashtag  #SafePedsHealthyKids to help spread the message!



Week 2 Social Media Schedule

  1. Wednesday 5/6: Smoke Free Families
    1. Smoking puts families at risk for COVID-19 complications and puts infants at risk for lifelong health problems. Your doctor can provide information and resources to help reduce smoke exposure for your family. Don’t skip well-child visits #SafePedsHealthyKids
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  2. Thursday 5/7: Safety Features Implemented in the Office
    1. Pediatrician offices are safe spaces. Practices have implemented many new measures to keep you and your child safe including separating sick and well visits between morning and afternoons, eliminating waitings rooms, and of course wearing Personal Protective Equipment #SafePedsHealthyKids
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  3. Friday 5/8: Brush Book Bed
    1. Reading to children can create positive memories and routines in uncertain times. Nightly habits – like reading a book, brushing teeth, and consistent bedtimes – are one way to help kids and families maintain a sense of normalcy when many things are out of their control. Your pediatrician can also provide guidance on tips for oral health, literacy, and establishing routines so don’t skip your well-child visits #SafePedsHealthyKids
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  4. Monday 5/11: Lead-Free Ohio
    1. Maintaining routine well-child visits allows for education on lead poisoning and prevention for your child. Appointments with your pediatrician are still recommended to receive testing and guidance during COVID-19. #SafePedsHealthyKids
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  5. Tuesday 5/12: Population Health: Immunizations and Routine Well Care Visits 
    1. Well care at any age is a way to show your child you care. Fear and other barriers may be getting in the way of getting routine well care for your child.  Your child’s pediatrician has made important changes during the pandemic to ensure that you and your child will be safe at well care appointments.  Don’t skip them #SafePedsHealthyKids
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