Ohio AAP Spring Education Meeting Wrap-up

During the Spring Education meeting, last week in Dublin, Dr. Marshall Land, a general pediatrician in Vermont and past chair of the American Board of Pediatrics, presented the updates made to the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.Dr. Land engaged in a question and answer session with the audience. During this period, Dr. Land expanded on the process for vetting questions for MOCA Peds and reiterated that there is no cost to participate in the MOCA Peds assessment format. The cost of the proctored exam continues to be the cost of the “sitting fee” at the exam center. In discussion of the costs of recertification, Dr. Land explained that costs will not be increasing. There is a new option for yearly certification or the standard five-year recertification, costing $275 or $1304, respectively.
Dr. Land described additional changes to the program which include:
  • Beginning of 2017, points for CME activities can also count for MOC II activities.
  • A new program – Maintenance of Certification Assessment for Pediatricians (MOCA Peds) will fully launch in 2019 as an option in lieu of the proctored exam.  This continuous assessment consists of 20 questions shared every quarter for 4 years (of the five year period). This assessment aims to serve as a learning tool though providing instant, clinical feedback to each question of the assessment.   The MOCA Peds assessment does not include any fees for participating in this recertification format.
  • MOC IV points can be earned several ways. Among the options, you can join one of the many MOC IV programs at the Ohio AAP or take on a challenge specific to your office.
Following the MOC session, Dr. Judith Groner, Dr. Mike Gittelman and Danny Hurley presented a MOC Part II session on smoking cessation as it relates to infant mortality.  Smoking cessation will also be a MOC Part II session at the 2018 Annual Meeting, be sure to visit the website for a complete brochure and to register.
The Ohio AAP is creating a one-page document summarizing the session and will be sent via e-mail blast in the coming weeks, along with a link to view the recorded version of the meeting.If you have a question about the new MOC changes, please call or email Elizabeth Dawson at 614-846-6258.


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