Prevent Injury and Abuse While Receiving up to $1,000 in Products for Your Patients

The Ohio AAP’s Injury Plus SEEK program teaches physicians how to implement a hybrid of the Ohio AAP’s Injury Prevention Screening Tool and the nationally recognized SEEK Tool, allowing physicians to more efficiently and effectively screen for child abuse and mental health risks, as well as the most common injury risks for children birth to five years of age.

Wave 2 of Injury Plus SEEK will launch with a Learning Session on January 30, 2018 at the Ohio AAP Offices. Participants will be eligible to earn incentives, including sleep sacks, books and cabinet locks – up to $1,000 worth of products for your patients! The structure of this project will allow for earning more incentives through increased participation, so the more you learn the more you earn! There will also be opportunities for both MOC Part IV and MOC Part II credit, as well as CME, while participating.

Registration is now open for the second wave of the Ohio AAP  Injury Plus SEEK project, and space is limited. Information and registration for the project is available at For additional questions, contact Program Manager Hayley Southworth at or (614) 846-6258

Pediatric Care Council: Share Your Practice Issues

The next meeting of the Pediatric Care Council of the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is on Friday, December 8, 12:30-2:00pm, at the Ohio Association of Health Plans building in downtown Columbus. Lunch will be provided.

The Pediatric Care Council brings together pediatricians and medical directors of managed care organizations and commercial insurance companies to collaborate in finding practical ways to promote children’s health.

For the upcoming meeting, the Council is happy to once again provide the ability to join via conference call. Contact Melanie Farkas to RSVP in person or via conference call.

If you are not able to attend but would like an issue discussed at the meeting, email Melanie Farkas with the information.

Are You a Pediatrician Running for Elected Office?

The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is planning an article for our next issue of Ohio Pediatrics, our print magazine, on pediatricians running for elected office. We would like to highlight the motivation to run, juggling campaigning with your work with patients and your family, and provide tips for other pediatricians who may be considering running.

Please contact Melanie Farkas at if you are running for office and would like to be interviewed for this story.

Smoke Free for Me: Screen and Intervene to Build Smoke Free Homes for Ohio’s Children

Earn MOCPart IV Credit with the Ohio AAP’s Smoke Free for Me Learning Collaborative.

In an effort to improve infant mortality rates and long-term health outcomes for Ohio’s children, the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics will launch the Smoke Free for Me Pediatric Learning Collaborative in January 2018.

The program will assist pediatric primary care providers in decreasing in-home smoke exposure for infants birth to 12 months.  Participating providers will screen infants 0-12 months of age at every well visit appointment, using a smoke exposure screening tool.  Providers will implement the 5As (Ask, Assess, Advise, Assist, Arrange) of smoking cessation with caregivers during the well visit appointment for infants exposed to smoke in their home environment.

Other benefits of program participation include:  networking opportunities with other healthcare providers interested in smoking cessation, community resources for caregiver and family referral to address smoking cessation, guidance and quality improvement coaching from the Ohio AAP, practice facilitation assistance to develop a process to track behavior change over time, and resources and incentives for families.

Click here to register, or contact Kristen Fluitt at if you have questions or want more information about the program.

Join the Childhood Nutrition and Activity Quality Improvement Initiative Today!

Sign up for the Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime MOC IV Program; now all online – never requiring you to leave your office or home! Complete the program and receive up to $500 in family and patient resources, such as the popular MyPlates and MyPlate placemats!

Designed by pediatric experts and health care providers as a Quality Improvement program, the Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime (PMP) Initiative provides tools and resources for physicians to help counsel families during well child visits with children birth–5-years old about developing lifelong habits around healthy weight and activity, and appropriate sleep.  Since PMP began in early 2014, the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) has seen and heard about its importance and success from practice participants.

A recent participant commented, “With the resources, we’re getting more than just the best information to give to parents – we’re learning the concepts of teaching better habits at such an important time in a child’s life.” Over the past four cycles of the program, there has been significant improvement in vital measurement and documentation to identify at-risk patients, as well as an increase in nutritional and physical activity counseling.

The Ohio AAP recognizes the challenges physicians face trying to manage their practice and participate in the PMP collaborative. With participant feedback, Ohio AAP, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Health, has made updates to the program to improve the physician experience in the program while striving for enhanced counseling for patients and families.

We invite you to join the PMP program and benefit from these resources and more:

  • Online Quality Improvement (QI) trainings that can enhance other areas of practice and fit into your busy schedule
  • Support and assistance from Ohio AAP through staff assistance and “hot topic webinars” – webinars that address the needs of you and your colleagues in navigating the program
  • New methods to help families nurture positive parent-child relationships during meal and play times, all aligned with age-appropriate developmental milestones
  • Tools for physicians to enhance prevention counseling and offer focused messaging during well child visits
  • Tools that can help physicians recognize children at-risk for overweight at an early age to prevent overweight/obesity issues as children get older
  • Mobile App that provides families with age-specific information at their fingertips
  • Parent handouts on nutrition and physical activity, focusing on parent-child dialogue and interaction
  • Patient and family resources to assist discussions, including popular items such as the MyPlates and MyPlates Placemats
  • MOC Part IV credit for eligible physicians

Enrollment is OPEN! 

Interested?  To learn more or to enroll, contact Renee Dickman, Program Manager, at 614-846-6258 or and check out  the program at the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting.

SAVE THE DATE: 2018 Annual Meeting

The Ohio AAP and its Board of Directors would like to thank all of the attendees and vendors who came to Annual Meeting 2017 on October 27-28 and share a save the date for the conference next year!

This year, two-day conference was packed with multiple MOC Part II options, special tracks for residents and hospitalists, panel discussions on payment and Ohio’s opiate crisis, talks from the incoming AAP president and much more!

2018 Annual Meeting will take place on September 21-22, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Dublin. Click the image below to automatically download a reminder to add to your calendar next Spring to register for our 2018 meeting!

If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Dawson.

Ohio AAP Launches Vaccine Advocacy Group; How to Share With Your Patients

The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) announced the launch of Ohio Parents Advocating for Vaccines (Ohio PA4V). Ohio PA4V is a parent-led group advocating for vaccines and spreading accurate information about the disease burden, safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

“There is so much misinformation online about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and often people overlook the reality of how many families have been harmed by vaccine preventable diseases,” said Melissa Wervey Arnold, CEO of the Ohio AAP. “We want to bring those stories to the forefront and talk about why vaccines continue to be so important.”

Ohio PA4V will be centered around a social media campaign designed to spread factual information and share real-life stories that will help parents understand the importance of vaccines. Ohio AAP has created a website for the group (, which includes a collection of factual information about vaccines that parents can share with their friends and family.

“I know most parents in Ohio do the right thing to protect their kids and get them vaccinated,” said Samantha Bennett, Ohio PA4V co-chair and a survivor of bacterial meningitis. “As a survivor and a parent, I am excited to join other parents in continuing to spread the facts and encouraging all parents to vaccinate their kids!”

“I feel passionate about vaccines and this project because I work with so many families who have questions about vaccines and they want access to accurate information that they can share with others, said Dr. Denise Warrick, co-chair of the group and a pediatrician in the Cincinnati area. “I also recognize the need for parents to be empowered to make educated decisions with accurate health information.  I want to help them have their voice heard about their experiences and enthusiasm for protecting their families.”

PA4V is a free group that parents can join to share the facts and share their stories. Over the next 6 months, PA4V will be collecting stories from families who not only vaccinate, but also families who have been impacted by vaccine preventable diseases.

CLICK HERE for a flyer you may print and share with parents.

Contact Melanie Farkas with any questions.

Thank You for Another Successful Annual Meeting!

Another Annual Meeting is in the books! The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) was thrilled to host 291 attendees and 43 vendors at the Crowne Plaza Dublin for the 2017 Annual Meeting. The two-day conference was packed with multiple MOC Part II options, special tracks for residents and hospitalists, panel discussions on payment and Ohio’s opiate crisis, talks from the incoming AAP president and much more!


2017 Awards Reception

Five people were honored during the awards reception for working hard to improve the health and lives of children in Ohio and across the country. The award winners were:

  • Charles Spencer, MD, FAAP – Leonard P. Rome Award for furthering the mission of the Ohio AAP through a program or project.
  • Norm Christopher, MD, FAAP – Elizabeth Spencer Ruppert, MD, FAAP, Outstanding Pediatrician of the Year Award
  • O. N. Ray Bignall, II, MD, FAAP – William H. Cotton Pediatrician Advocate Award
  • Steven Wexberg, MD, FAAP – Arnold Friedman, MD, FAAP Community Pediatrician Award
  • U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D) – Antoinette Parisi Eaton, MD, FAAP Advocacy Award (award accepted by his aide, Ellen Short)

Shark Tank

Five groups of young physicians and residents presented program ideas to a panel of “sharks.” The winners were:

  • Margo Lazow, MD – Development of an interactive virtual tour of a local impoverished neighborhood: Can this impact pediatric physicians’ perspectives and practice?
  • Kelsey Maag & Katelyn Carlson – Quality improvement projects: A medical student’s role and perspective.

Head over to our Facebook page to see photos from the weekend. Much more information on Annual Meeting will be provided in the Fall edition of Ohio Pediatrics, due out in December!

If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Dawson via email or at 614-846-6258.

Ohio AAP Announces New Features to

The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) is pleased to announce a number of major improvements to our website ( to better serve our members and visitors. The Ohio AAP staff took into account information from the membership survey completed by many members in Fall 2016, along with data from the website analytics, to ensure the website is easy to navigate and offers the information and education our members and visitors need.

Improved Main Menu

The most noticeable change to the website is the main menu. Website visitors will notice the Chapter’s wealth of programs, education, resources, events and more — all now listed by “Child Health Priority Areas.”   

The 2016 membership survey and headlines in 2017 showed that members consider advocacy information of primary importance. The Chapter created an entire “advocacy” section of the website to meet this important need for our membership, which includes the activities of the advocacy pillar, how to sign up for the Peds on Call advocacy group, tips on becoming a “Tweetatrician,” and more.

NEW: Pediatric Education Center

The Chapter Board and staff were especially excited to reveal the new “Pediatric Education Center.” This is a collection of education provided by the Chapter, organized by category, author(s) and type of credit.

This site contains years of education, all available in a searchable format. Archived items are also included and new items will be added as they become available.

CLICK HERE to visit the new Pediatric Education Center.

NEW: Good4Growth Parent Resource Page

The Ohio AAP is also excited to unveil the new Good4Growth Parent Resource Page. This page is packed with trusted, helpful information on a wealth of child health topics and is provided through a partnership with the Cardinal Health Foundation.

The team at the Ohio AAP worked to compile current and historical resources created for the Chapter programs and members, determine whether they were still valid, and then built a website to house all of the information.

Resources are offered by age group along with some additional special topics including parent videos and sports-related information.

CLICK HERE to visit the new Parent Resource page.

Upgraded Ohio AAP Program Pages

Website analytics and feedback from members also helped in the design of new pages for the Ohio AAP quality improvement programs. The Chapter created a new page design to provide information on the program in a concise but complete manner.

The pages include important numbers, a timeline of the program, along with updates on recruitment and other opportunities to get involved.

If you have any questions about the website upgrades, please contact Melanie Farkas.

AAP Monthly PSA: Signs of Healthy Development

Watching your child develop new skills is exciting, but sometimes parents get concerned when a child doesn’t do something by a certain age. In this public service announcement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Jennifer Shu describes warning signs that a child may be missing a developmental milestone, and what to do. For more information about child development, visit, the American Academy of Pediatrics website for parents.