Lead Journal Club Pre-Test

1. True or False: Deteriorating lead paint and contaminated dust and soil are the only sources of lead exposure

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2. True or False: Lead is more commonly found in spices purchased abroad than in those purchased in the United States

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3. Previous lead studies show lead impacts on:

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4. Risk factors for criminal behavior include:

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5. True or False: The relationship between childhood lead exposure and adult brain volumes has been studied

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6. The reference value for children’s blood lead concentrations is determined by:

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7. The CDC’s recommendations about nutrient intake for children with an elevated blood lead level include:

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8. True or False: Heme iron (from animal sources) competes with lead for GI tract absorption

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9. Commonly cited barriers to blood lead screening include all of the following EXCEPT:

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10. In the 1930s, the Federal Housing Administration directed loan officers to:

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11. What proportion of low-income rental housing in the U.S. have lead hazards?

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12. Enter your name:

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