Immunization Quality Improvement Program

Ohio is 10th in the nation for lowest rate of MMR vaccination!

While this is a larger overall picture of the state, it does not detect where there are “pockets” of unvaccinated individuals, which is becoming more of an issue. In order to increase Ohio’s vaccination rates and sustain that increase, every practice/provider should participate in quality improvement (QI).

The Immunization Quality Improvement Program (IQIP) is a CDC designed QI program focused on increasing vaccine uptake among children and adolescents. Baseline immunization data will be pulled for your practice, which will help to inform the focus or your QI efforts. This is a FREE program provided by the Ohio AAP or your Local Health Department! IQIP is a 12 month QI initiative, where you collaborate with your IQIP trained consultant, to build and implement an immunization focused QI plan. Please complete the form below if you are interested and provide your information. Your consultant will reach out to you directly to schedule. We look forward to working with you in improving the health of Ohio’s children and adolescents!