Foster Care

MyStoryLogoThe “My Story” Foster Care Program is an effort to give Ohio’s foster children a voice and a chance to tell their story. The Ohio AAP and the Ohio AAP Foundation developed the program to address the special social and emotional needs of foster care children and families.

Pediatricians have an important roll in working with foster children and their families as they make the transition from a child’s biological home into a foster home. Not only do pediatricians help in caring for the medical needs of the child, but they are also looked to for help in making the home tradition easier for the child.

As part of the My Story Program, pediatricians will provide the foster child with a “My Story” Bag, and use it as an opportunity to talk to the parent about special social/emotional concerns that they should take into consideration for the child. At the same time, the physician can talk to the child about he/she is there as a resource to the child in case the child has concerns/problems.

The “My Story” bags include:

  • My Story Book – A portable medical record for the child
  • Disposable camera to keep a history of the child’s time with the foster family
  • Picture frame to guarantee that the child’s picture is displayed as a member of the family
  • A book to encourage early literacy
  • Pillow with a handmade pillowcase for children ages 2 and older
  • Handmade blanket for children ages 2 and younger
  • Variety of social/emotional fact sheets on topics such as signs of PTSD for the parent(s)

For more information on the “My Story” Foster Care Program, or to donate an item to be placed in the “My Story” bag, please contact Hayley Southworth at or 614.846.6258.

If you would like to make a donation to the Ohio AAP Foundation to support Foster Care, or one of the Foundation’s other program, click here.