Enhanced MOBI Pre-Test

Please Choose Your Role: *
1. Who is most at risk for COVID-19? *
2. You are seeing a new patient for a well-child visit at age 12 months but the parent does not have their vaccination record. The child previously lived outside Ohio and no vaccination record is present in ImpactSIIS. It is Saturday and the office where the child received prior vaccines is closed. You should: *
3. The same child in Question #2 is due for multiple vaccinations. The maximum number of injections the child could receive is: *
4. When a person with a vaccine-preventable disease (for example, measles) enters a population where the majority of people are vaccinated, there is not much chance for the germ to spread and cause disease in the population. This concept is referred to as: *
5. Which statement is CORRECT about the four-day grace rule? *
6. Which of the following is a circumstance in which a vaccine should NOT be given? *
7. Which of the following is a contraindication to rotavirus vaccination? *