Brush, Book, Bed: A Healthy Routine

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Help families develop a nighttime routine that includes toothbrushing, reading together, and a regular bedtime to improve child health!

The Ohio AAP is excited to announce a pilot of the Brush, Book, Bed (BBB) Program for Ohio AAP member primary care providers.

  • What is Brush, Book, Bed?
    • Simple messaging and resources for health professionals to share with families
    • Ties together 3 important health behaviors – toothbrushing, early literacy, and sleep routines
    • Program cues health professionals to discuss these topics at all well-child visits for children six months to six years of age

The Ohio AAP is recruiting 8 total practices for the BBB Pilot (5 practices will engage in a quality improvement (QI) project and 3 practices will receive materials for use outside of QI). All practices will receive books and oral health materials to distribute to patients. Feedback will be collected by participating practices to determine the impacts of this program and opportunities for additional oral health and early literacy efforts. The BBB Pilot is supported by the HealthPath Foundation, the Delta Dental Foundation and the Ohio AAP.

Please complete the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in receiving more information on available resources and the BBB Pilot, or contact Hayley Southworth at or (614) 846-6258 with any questions on BBB, early literacy, or oral health at the Ohio AAP.

Brush, Book, Bed Resources

All pediatricians are encouraged to incorporate discussions on these important topics into practice. Resources on this page are designed to help providers prepare for and implement these discussions.
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Brush, Book, Bed Pilot Interest Form

Please complete this form if you would like more information on involvement opportunities for this program.

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