PMP Example – 6-12 Months – Nutrition – Feeding Advice

Feeding Advice
  • Continue breastfeeding on demand.
  • If you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, let your baby decide how much to drink.
  • The amount of milk they drink will decrease as they eat more solid foods.
  • Ask about Vitamin D supplementation.
Introducing food with a spoon
  • After your baby does well with single grain (rice, barley or oats) iron-fortified cereal, try soft vegetables.
  • Offer new foods and veggies first when your child is most hungry. Offer one new food with familiar foods.
  • They may like something different from you. Be sure to offer lots of different fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay positive. Don’t be surprised if you have to offer a new food several times.
  • This is your chance to give baby new experiences. Let them explore with their hands, tongue, nose and eyes.
Self-feeding with finger foods
  • Mealtimes: Offer new colors, flavors, textures and smells. Give small tastes.
  • Enjoy family meals. Place your baby in a booster seat or high chair at the table. Let babies feed themselves as much as possible.
  • Never bribe, reward or comfort your baby with food.
  • They will let you know when they are done – tugging at their bib, turning their head or pushing away the plate or spoon.
What should baby be drinking?
  • At one year, offer milk at meals and water in between meals. Juice decreases your baby’s appetite. Juice is not necessary. If your doctor recommends it, give less than 3 ounces a day of 100% juice.
  • Around 9 to12 months, trade the bottle for a cup. By one year, offer all drinks in a cup.
  • Soft drinks, fruit punch, sports drinks or other sweetened drinks are not good for your baby.

For additional information, check out the the 6-12 Month PMP Handout. (I think for the purpose of the site it would be better to have the PDFs hosted on the site rather than linking to Dropbox like I did here.. just did it for example.)