The Ohio AAP was one of six states selected to participate in the Chapter Quality Network (CQN) ADHD Program in 2015. Eight practices were engaged in the CQN project to improve diagnosis and follow-up care of ADHD.

The project involved using a novel internet portal for utilizing assessment tools (Vanderbilt Scales) and providing other resources (tools for diagnosing co-morbid conditions and a messaging function to communicate with parents and teachers) Practices found that the resources, QI process, and collaborative sessions helped improve ADHD care by providing structure and guidance on appropriate follow up and treatment. To sustain changes, most practices continued with a systematic process of diagnosis and follow up of ADHD by incorporating learnings from the collaborative and utilizing the various electronic medical records capabilities to capture appropriate rating scales, identify patients in need of care, and initiate population health strategies (registry, chart alerts) to better identify and treat patients with ADHD.

The CQN ADHD Program has impacted many lives since it launched in 2015:

  • 8 physician practices & 8,000 patients
  • Linked parent experts and teacher experts to pediatricians for a team approach to ADHD care
  • Developed partnerships for the practices to help yield clinical, technical and admin support to sustain the program

Opportunities for Involvement:

Questions? Contact Liz Dawson via email or at (614) 846-6258.






The CQN ADHD Program was funded by the American Academy of Pediatrics.